kararountreephotography-05Since the beginning of the mass production of digital cameras, this type of photography has widely replaced analog cameras. At first, digital cameras were not cheap, since the technology was still new. But as it happens with every new technology, it continued to develop and the demand increased, which meant the prices went down at a steady pace. Today, there are different kinds of digital cameras, from the simplest ones even a child can use, to semi-professional and professional ones. Simple point-and-shoot cameras with plenty of adjustable options are generally very affordable and pretty much everyone has one.

The question is why was it so easy for digital photography to push the analog one out? One of the basic reasons is the immediacy and convenience of digital photographs. Most digital cameras have small screens upon which a photo can be reviewed. You snap a photo and see the results. If you don’t like them, you can erase them and make another one. Once taken, a digital photo is stored on the camera’s memory card in electronic form. From there, it is easily transferred onto a computer so it can be further adjusted, resized, balanced, cropped and photoshopped. If you want to have an actual, physical photo, on special photo paper, you can simply print it and put it in a nice frame. This kind of convenience is not characteristic of old school analog photos, where the film needs to be used in full, taken out and developed.

Another advantage of digital photography is that it saves money in the long run. You may invest a bit more for the actual camera but after that you basically don’t have to pay for anything anymore. With analog cameras, there are always expenses for film rolls and processing. Film developing and processing also uses toxic chemicals, so it can be said that digital photography is more environmentally friendly.

kararountreephotography-04Image quality is another issue. Today new digital cameras have the highest possible number of pixels (megapixels, to be precise), which assures the quality of the image. With good cameras you can see even the slightest detail in a photo that is not even zoomed in. This is not always the case with analog photos. You can also take pictures in light conditions that would not allow a regular analog photo to be taken, for example very little light. You can capture a fast-moving object and it can still be absolutely sharp, or you can make a nice long exposure. In all fairness, you could do that too with analog cameras as well, but that would require a great deal of skill and experience, not to mention the right equipment.

In addition, digital cameras are easier to handle, they are lighter, use less battery power, they are more durable, more widely available, with more specialized stores if they need repair.

Considering all these significant advantages, it is really not hard to understand why digital photography is becoming increasingly more popular than the analog.

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